Waking every 2 hours to sleeping like a king!

Zayne used to be an ok sleeper until he hit the 4 month sleep progression and he started waking every 2 hours overnight. He would only take short naps in his cot and would need to be held until he was in a deep sleep before being able to transfer him. He also had a dummy for sleep but that wasn't helping. 

Mum first purchased our 3-5 month routines which helped a bit as he started being more predictable at sleep times and would now finish his bottles. But was still waking often in the night and mum would need to pat or rock him back to sleep.

After following on instagram for a while and suffering through weeks of sleep deprivation she decided to book in for our Ultimate Sleep Support Package.

We we worked on weaning the dummy, transitioning from a swaddle to sleeping bag and getting Zayne comfortable with falling asleep in his cot with mum's help. Then as Zayne become more confident in falling asleep there, mum was able to slowly give him more space to do it on his own.

Mum was super consistent with all of my recommendations, and Zayne thrived! Within the two weeks Zayne was falling asleep independently, taking long naps, and sleeping 12 hours overnight in his cot waking just for one quick feed. 

Zayne even caught a cold towards the end of our consult and was still sleeping like a champ!

And just before our final call, mum, Jo sent this lovely message through. 

"Zayne is still unwell, but thankfully he is sleeping like a king. Thank you again for all your help and advice these past 2 weeks. I have to say initially I was very sceptical as I wasn't sure what this would all entail.

I'm such a big softy I could never have done the cry it out method or anything similar. Your approach was so lovely and was perfect for me and Zayne - supportive and comforting for both of us."

and left this review: 

When I first contacted Baby Sleep Code I wasn't sure what to expect. I was absolutely exhausted from the weeks of sleepless nights.

I was told I couldn't really sleep train my son until he was six months. Well that is not true! In just a few days Mel helped me get my almost 5 month old son off his dummy, unswaddled and sleeping in his own bed. The approach was just what I needed soft but consistent.

Before this he was only sleeping on me and waking every few hours. Now he is taking his naps and sleeping through the night! If you need help with sleep I would highly recommend Baby Sleep Code and Melissa!

Joanne, NSW Australia

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