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Working with families worldwide...

I’m Melissa, I'm a mum of two, an internationally certified baby and toddler sleep consultant and founder of Baby Sleep Code. I'm based in Perth, Western Australia but offer online consults to families all around the globe. 

My passion is in helping little ones LOVE sleep, and I truly believe all babies and children can be great content little sleepers. My goal for every consult is to help parents feel confident, and empowered when it comes to their little one's sleep. Naps and bedtime should feel easy, and stress free!

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Why I became a sleep consultant...

If you’re here, your story is probably similar to how mine started – with a beautiful baby who was a TERRIBLE sleeper.

Henry, my first child, was an awful sleeper. He would only take 20-minute naps, and stay awake crying late into the night. And then, the dreaded 4-month sleep regression hit us and it got even worse. Henry started waking every 2 hours overnight.

I remember feeling so lost. I would dread the nights, and felt so anxious at bedtime. He was miserable and tired during the day, and seemed constantly tired but just never wanted to sleep!!! Sleep deprivation was taking a toll on both of us.

I spent hours and hours researching sleep. Doctors visits and interviews. Lactation consultants. Pediatric chiropractors. Reflux and allergy specialists. Reading every sleep book I could find. But it all felt like guesswork with everyone offering a different opinion with no real strategy or solutions.

Fast forward a couple of months and I finally managed to find a routine that worked for Henry. I taught him how to fall asleep independently and he started having great naps, would fall asleep happily at bedtime, and was sleeping 12 hours overnight.

It was amazing! Henry, now nearly 4, has been a model sleeper ever since.

The positive benefits that great sleep had on our family were tremendous, and I became so passionate about sleep. Wanting every family to feel this confident about sleep, in 2020 I received my certification as an infant and toddler sleep consultant and launched Baby Sleep Code.

The chance to help other parents feel confident, empowered, and no longer anxious about sleep has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

If you're struggling with your little one's sleep, please reach out we'd love to help you! You shouldn't have to feel like you're drowning, your entire family benefits from great sleep. 

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  • 9 Month Old, USA

    "Some nights it would take 2 hours of rocking to get her to sleep. Her day naps were unpredictable and we were having to bedshare which is not something we as a family wanted to do. Something had to change.

    During our first phone call with Mel I was super nervous. We struggled with infertility for 10 years so entrusting my baby's sleep needs to somebody else was huge for me. But I listened while Mel patiently answered all of my questions. She put me at ease and we were ready.
    And to my amazement it went great. By day 3 my baby was sleeping through the night and putting herself to sleep.

    I was ecstatic. I could put her down to sleep and still have my evening to myself. Bedtime is a breeze and I don't dread it anymore. My only regret in this whole process was that we didn't do it sooner.

    It was life changing and we are so grateful to Melissa. Thank you!!!!"

    Ivana, Las Vegas, USA

  • 4 Month Old, Perth, Australia

    "Your knowledge, wisdom and mentoring has been absolutely life changing. We can’t put into words our immense gratification. You really do work wonders! 

    The service you provide to families is second to none. We are immensely proud of our little human and how well she adapted to such big changes. 

    We are all so much better off for good sleep. It’s really been a transformation for all three of us. Sol is not only sleeping so well, but it has also improved her feeding. It’s amazing how it is all intertwined and works hand in hand. 

    You are a sleep goddess!!"

    Brianna, Perth, Western Australia

  • 6 Month Old, Sydney, Australia

    "My little one, Nash had been a serial cat napper and was waking anywhere from 5 - 8 times every night. We also ended up in a cycle of bed sharing by 3am every morning just to try and get some extra sleep.

    I had been following Baby Sleep Code on Instagram for a while and decided it was time to get some help.

    Our sleep goals were to remove the dummy, implement a routine, work towards falling asleep independently and making it through the night without having to bed share. We achieved all of these goals within the 7 days of support we received from Melissa.

    We are now only waking once a night for a feed and I have to wake him up most mornings which is actually so amazing. I honestly wish I reached out sooner and would recommend Baby Sleep Code to anyone!”

    Kodee, New South Wales, Australia

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