Baby Sleep Consultant, Melbourne Australia

My name is Carly Chandler and I am a certified Infant and toddler sleep consultant and mum to two little girls, Coco (4yrs old) and Ciel (2yrs old). I am located in Geelong, Victoria but consult to families all around the world via our phone and online sleep consults.

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My goal is to help families feel confident, and have the knowledge, to be able to have great little sleepers. Everyone can and should have great sleep! I want families to be able to go away from our consultation feeling empowered and ready to take on any sleep challenge that is thrown at them! We want babies and toddlers to LOVE sleep!

My Sleep Story…

My husband Chris and I struggled with fertility for a couple of years. We had 2 miscarriages and it took a lot of needles (IVF) and tears to welcome our miracle rainbow babies! 

My passion for sleep started when I first met my husband working shift work, knowing that we were both happier people when we would have enough sleep! We knew that when our first child arrived, sleep would be a priority for us. Coco spent most of her first couple of months sleeping on us. She was hard to settle at bedtime and would wake often overnight. During the day she wouldn't sleep longer than 30mins and I felt really overwhelmed as I had no time for myself. 

I researched all over the internet until I found a method that aligned with me and so I began to help Coco become a great little sleeper. It was after having my second baby, Ciel, that I knew it was what I wanted to do as a career. 

I have been working with Melissa for a over a year now and have helped hundred's of families on their sleep journey from all over the world. It’s a very rewarding job and hearing how we have changed their lives will never get old!

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