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Newborn Sleep Guide (birth to 14 weeks)

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A comprehensive downloadable e-guide designed to help parents feel confident with their baby's sleep from the very beginning. 

This guide provides detailed advice on how to create a conducive sleep environment for your newborn baby, avoid cat napping, achieve early bedtimes, great long stretches of night sleep, and much more. 

Packed with practical tips and advice on setting up great sleep foundations that last, this 55-page downloadable guide is easy to read on your phone or print it out for all caregivers to follow.

This highly rated guide also includes newborn sleep routines and schedules organized by week, with detailed nap timings and length, recommended feeding times, and troubleshooting notes.

Some topics in the guide:

  • Flexible daily nap & feeding routines and,
  • Detailed routines 3-14 weeks adjusted age (based on due date, not birth date).
  • Day and nights mixed up
  • Early morning wakes
  • Cat-napping
  • My baby wakes as soon as placed in the cot 
  • Moving bedtime earlier 
  • The witching hour
  • Gentle settling methods
  • Swaddle to a sleeping bag
  • Introducing a dream feed
  • My baby hates the bath
  • Red flags to look out for
  • and much more...


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