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Helping families all around the world with sleep!

Baby Sleep Code focuses on evidence-based methods to sleep science through continuous research and comprehensive review of the latest sleep studies. We take a holistic approach and provide recommendations on everything that can impact sleep from feeding, nutrition, nap timings, sleep cues, environment, temperament, settling and more.

Baby Sleep Code has helped hundreds of families via educational resources like our Newborn Sleep Guide and personally working 1:1 with clients around the globe. Our friendly, supportive team have helped solve sleep concerns for every type of baby and family. Our services are 5-star reviewed and have often been described as “Life Changing,” regularly generating great transformations in sleep in less than a few days.

We are mums who have been there before. We understand how hard it is, and we are here to help. We truly believe sleep is a necessity and with the right approach, can feel easy for everyone. Drop us a line today to find out how we can change YOUR life – we would love to hear from you!

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Meet the team...

Melissa Gilchrist- Baby Sleep Code Founder

Hi! I'm Melissa,

mum of two, founder and head sleep consultant at Baby Sleep Code. After personally working with hundreds of unique families across the globe, I truly believe that with the right approach, sleep can feel easy for all. That sleep deprivation doesn't need to be considered ‘the standard’ in parenting.

About Melissa

I'm Carly,

A certified Infant and toddler sleep consultant and mum to two little girls, Coco and Ciel. I love being able to help other families feel confident with sleep and have the knowledge to be able to have great little sleepers. Everyone should have great sleep!

About Carly

I'm Melanie,

With a kind, nurturing approach, I take the time to understand your family's unique needs and goals. As your certified sleep consultant, I'll provide personalized support and be your biggest cheerleader on the journey to better sleep. Let's help your little one sleep soundly,

About Melanie