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Helping families all around the world with sleep. Evidence-based methods, and a holistic approach to understanding what your little one needs to be able to sleep well, day and night. The result is - well rested babies, toddlers and confident parents. 5 Star Reviewed!

  • 45 Min Phone Call

    Great for those who are experiencing smaller sleep issues, like dropping a night feed, catnapping, early morning wakes, holiday regressions or just wanting clarity around an appropriate daily routine. We will review your baby's full sleep situation, explain what is causing these sleep issues and talk through a strategy for you to get your little one's sleep on track asap.

  • Complete Sleep Support

    Our 7 day Sleep Support Package. From sleepless nights to sleeping through! Perfect for resolving bigger sleep regressions, constant night wakes, bedtime battles, cat napping. Includes a phone consultation, and a custom written sleep plan along with 7 days of daily log support to help guide you as as you work towards your sleep goals.

  • Ultimate Support Package

    Our 14 day sleep support package. Best when you're wanting to take a gradual approach to changing your baby's sleep habits. Includes a phone consultation, a custom sleep plan along with 14 days of daily support to help you keep on track as you work towards your sleep goals. Also includes a 30 min wrap up call to help you navigate any future scenarios.

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Melissa Gilchrist- Baby Sleep Code Founder

Hi! I'm Melissa,

mum of two, founder and head sleep consultant at Baby Sleep Code. I’m incredibly passionate about sleep, and after personally working with hundreds of families across the globe, I truly believe that with the right approach all babies can be great little sleepers. That naps and bedtime can be stressfree.

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