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Baby Sleep Code

Baby Program (6-18 months)

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Our new Baby Program is an alternative option to our 1:1 consults, and guides parents on how to help their baby sleep soundly day & night. The result is - well rested babies and confident parents. 

The Baby Program helps your family:

  • Tackle night wakes, and help your baby start sleeping through the night (11-12hrs)
  • Stop catnaps, and achieve long crib naps
  • Move away from rocking, bouncing, or feeding to sleep
  • Transition from bedsharing to crib sleeping
  • Nurture a confident, independent sleeper
  • Establish a sense of predictability with sleep
  • Avoid future regressions
  • All while protecting your parent-baby bond

Ideal for parents who just need a clear actionable plan to get their little one's sleep on track – with proven success from coaching hundreds of families 1:1 globally.

Transform your baby's sleep, nurture a happier, well-rested baby, and start thriving in parenthood with - The Baby Sleep Code Program.

Important: The Baby Program is considered an 'add-on' to our nap and feeding routines. For success, we recommend purchasing together if you haven't already been following our age-specific routines.

How do I access the guide after purchase?

You will be provided a link to download your guide immediately after purchase. And you will receive the link to download on email as well.

What settling or sleep training methods are used in this progam?

This guide will help you understand how to absolutely prime your baby for sleep before changing how they are settled to sleep.
Then once ready you will choose between two settling methods – Gradual or Fast. You do not need to leave the room during settling if you don't wish to.
The goal is to give your baby the opportunity to start to initiate sleep themselves – with you on the sidelines to provide soothing as needed.

Will my baby cry at all?

Crying is a way for your little one to communicate a whole range of feelings, so it's natural that they may protest when making changes to their usual routine. Ie. if you usually rock them to sleep, and are trying to help them settle to sleep in their cot instead, of course they might be a little confused and even frustrated with this, so some protest crying is likely in the beginning.
But you'll be there to guide and support them, and as they gain confidence in falling asleep independently, this eases.

Our ultimate goal is for your little one to feel secure and content in their sleep environment and start to LOVE sleep.

Is there any support included in this program?

No. This is a very detailed comprehensive sleep guide and we're confident you'll achieve great results without needing further support. But if you do feel like you need more personalised assistance you can book a call to speak with a certified infant & toddler sleep consultant at any time.

How long does this program take to work?

This is a self-paced program so you can make changes gradually if you wish. But if implementing the plan immediately and using the fast approach your baby should be sleeping through the night within days to a week.