Sleep Consult FAQs

What types of sleep issues can you help with?

We work with babies from 3 weeks all the way through to toddlers turning 5 years, and can help with any sleep issues you may be experiencing including, 

  • Frequent night wakings, 
  • Regressions, 
  • Catnapping, 
  • Inconsistent sleep, 
  • Early morning wakings, 
  • Late and difficult bedtimes,
  • Transitioning from bedsharing to cot sleeping, 
  • Dropping night feeds, 
  • Resisting settling/resettling,
  • Reliance on movement to sleep,
  • Moving to a toddler bed,
  • Picky eating / feeding related to sleep issues,
  • And much more… 

What can I expect from a consult?

We take a very holistic and individualised approach, and look at everything that might be impacting your little one’s quality of sleep. No two consults are the same.

We provide recommendations on your child's sleep environment, sleepwear, sleep cues, sleep associations, nutrition, nap and feed timings, and much more. We also keep in mind your child’s individual temperament, recent milestone developments, and your family dynamics, before suggesting any changes. And most importantly we understand that every family’s sleep goals are different, and we set out a plan that will best achieve these goals.

We are your biggest cheerleaders, and will be there to guide and support you as you work on improving your child's sleep habits. Our aim is to take the guesswork out of sleep, empowering you with evidence-based advice so you're able to better understand what your baby needs to be able to sleep well day and night.

Will your services work for my child?

The families we work with are able to achieve amazing transformations in their baby’s sleep, and we have an incredibly high success rate, with ALL clients that follow through with our recommendations seeing results. 

But it really is a collaborative process, our clients are all open to change and make the commitment to be consistent while working together. 

How long will it take?

Typically it takes about two weeks for the full sleep puzzle to come together, but most families we work with see huge improvements within the first 3 days.

Will my child just outgrow their poor sleep habits if I do nothing?

Studies show that sleep problems and poor sleep habits during infancy (without management) will likely continue well into preschool years. So most parents will need to change their approach to sleep at some stage to see improvements. 

“Of children with a sleep problem at 8 months of age, 41% still had a problem at 3 years of age.”

“Of children aged 15 - 48 months who had sleep disturbances at the initial interview, 84% had persistence of sleep disturbances after 3 years.” 

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Persistence of sleep disturbances in preschool children. S Kataria, M S Swanson, G E Trevathan

Will I be house bound during the consult?

During the consult period we do ask that parents limit their commitments just to give your child the best chance of getting sleep on track as quickly as possible without disruptions to their routine. 

But this doesn’t mean you’ll be homebound for the week! We actually encourage 1 to 2 naps on the go every day if that works for you. 

Do you use the “cry it out” method?

No we do not. While some consultants and parents have found this to be an effective fast sleep training method, we don't recommend this for our clients. Simply because there are many other responsive settling methods that still allow your baby the space and opportunity to develop more independent sleep skills, without having to put parents through the stress of not being able to respond at all through the night. 

Does this mean there will be no crying?

No. Crying is a way for your little one to communicate a whole range of feelings, and while you will be there to help calm them when needed, it's natural that they may still protest some of changes we're making in the beginning. Ie. if you no longer want to rock to sleep, and we're trying to help them settle to sleep in their cot instead, of course at first they might be a little confused and even frustrated with this, so some protest crying is normal at first. 

But we are mums of little ones ourselves, and know how hard it can be to hear them cry! This is why we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to sleep, as we're able to ensure they are absolutely primed and ready for sleep before we make changes to how they fall asleep. 

The end goal is to help your child become a confident and happy independent sleeper that feels safe and content in their sleep space, and starts to LOVE sleep. Check out our reviews to see how positive and life changing these changes can be.

Will I need to put my baby in their own room?

No. You can still have a great sleeper and continue to room share! Depending on your baby’s temperament you may find it easier to temporarily ‘camp’ outside of the room for the first few days. 

What is the best age to book?

From around 4 months most babies will be able to start to initiate sleep independently so we usually recommend waiting until then. 

But we can help babies of any age to improve sleep habits, and we just adjust our approach to what’s suitable for their age and development. 

Is there a waiting period between booking and starting?

We usually have ‘call only’ consults available within 7 days, and our full sleep packages are generally booked out 1-2 weeks in advance.  

I don’t live in Australia, can you still help me?

Absolutely! All our 1:1 consults happen remotely via phone, email, and online. We regularly work with clients in the US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, New Zealand and more. And the time differences hasn’t been an issue for us or our clients. 

How do I book?

You can view our range of sleep consult packages here, or contact us if you have any other questions.