6 month old waking to feed all night

Kathleen and Eric reached out as they were exhausted and needed some help getting their 6 month old’s son’s sleep on track. Callum was catnapping all day long and needed to be rocked or fed to sleep for his naps and bedtime. Overnight he could wake hourly, so mum ended up co-sleeping so she could try and get more sleep. Unfortunately that meant that Callum began feeding all through the night and reverse cycling.

Kathleen booked in for our Complete Sleep Support to get started on 7 days of support. Through our support call we talked through the new routine Callum would be moving to. We made some tweaks to his environment by warming him up and ensuring he was in a dark space for all sleep. We also talked through changing his feeding patterns overnight and moving him back into his own crib.

We then introduced a consistent settling method to ensure mum and dad had the confidence to know how to approach sleep and remain consistent.

Within our week together, Callum was settling himself to sleep in his own crib for all naps and bedtime, he was having a long 2 hour lunch nap, and only waking through the night for his scheduled feeds. 

“We are so grateful to Carly for all her help and support! Our son went from 30-40 minute catnaps during the day and waking up every other hour needing to nurse or be rocked to sleep. We were at our wits' end and had just thought that he was a terrible sleeper.

However, after following Carly's guidance, in the span of a few days, our son learned how to settle himself to sleep for naps and bedtime and he started giving us longer stretches of sleep! It was amazing!

Carly herself was wonderful as well‐ she was very knowledgeable and supportive. We can't say enough good things about her.” Kathleen, USA