Signs your baby is ready to drop their night feeds.

Signs your baby is ready to drop their night feeds.

Ever wonder whether your baby should be sleeping through, or having less night feeds, because you’ve heard other babies the same age are?

Keep in mind age alone isn’t a good predictor of when a baby might be ready to reduce or drop night feeds. Your baby might be on a different routine, have different feeding habits, be eating different solids, have different sleeping habits, be a different weight… they might not be anything alike.

But I totally get it, you want to know when will it be realistic to expect more sleep! I loved those sleepy overnight feeds with Ella in the early months, it was nice to have these cute cuddly moments together when everyone else was asleep. BUT it also felt great when she dropped another feed, as I ALSO love my sleeeeeeep. 

But rather than compare your baby to another, use this guide to watch YOUR baby for signs that they're ready to drop a feed:

  • Feeds are closer together during the night than they are in the day.
  • They're not hungry for a full feed in the morning. 
  • They fall back to sleep quickly without taking a decent feed.
  • They're waking up to feed at the exact times every night.
  • They've started to get fussy and distracted during day feeds.
  • They have a lack of interest in solids or low solid food intake (appropriate to their age).

Thinking your baby seems ready to drop a feed, or two, or several?! Book a sleep support package with us and we can set you out a customised sleep plan to have them sleeping soundly through the night!