Rose 6m, from 10 overnight feeds to just one, in 7 days...

Rose had gone through the 6 month regression after a change in her routine and mum returning to work, and suddenly had started waking as often as 10 times a night needing to feed back to sleep. 

She was also cat napping during the day, and had started seemingly hating her own sleep space, no longer settling to sleep in her cot. 

Mum was doing everything right, she’d set up a great sleep environment, was aiming for a consistent daily routine, but nothing was working to get Rose’s sleep on track. 

Taking advantage of some time at home she booked a sleep consult with Baby Sleep Code, we spoke through her sleep goals, and chatted through recommendations and set out a holistic 7 day plan to help get Rose’s sleep back on track. 

Rose’s individualised plan included tweaks to her routine, nutritional tips, reducing night feeds, and introducing a new settling method to help encourage Rose to start confidently and happily falling asleep in her cot again. 

And here’s what mum had to say after we wrapped… 

"It was a real pleasure and a life changer working on my baby’s sleep with Melissa and it’s amazing how my life’s improved in such a short time.

I went from catnapping baby during the day to a baby who falls asleep within 3 minutes and who wakes up by herself at the right time, it’s magical, isn’t it?

Our nights have greatly improved as well, she now only wakes up once to feed, and resettles herself easily.

Every morning I have to wake her up at 7 otherwise she would sleep more!"

Ana, Switzerland