Athena 6m, rocking to sleep to confident independent sleeper in 7 days

Mum and Dad were exhausted when they first made the decision to contact Baby Sleep Code for a 7 day sleep support package. Athena was 6 months old and she needed to be rocked and bounced to sleep for all naps and bedtime.

Then dad would walk around the room holding her for at least 20 minutes until she was in a deep sleep before placing her down in her cot. At bedtime she would then wake and have multiple false starts. This meant most of their nights were spent trying to get her down to sleep for the night, with little time left for themselves.

Overnight after a feed, it would then take them another hour or so to settle her back to sleep. She would often wake early in the morning and end up in bed with mum and dad just so they could get some more sleep. During the day, Athena would catnap and wasn't having any long naps.

Mum and dad were determined to work together to ensure they could help Athena with her sleep. We removed her dummy, added some layers, tweaked her routine and introduced a new settling method. Within the week, Athena was now able to settle to sleep independently for all naps and bedtime, no false starts and was only waking once for a feed overnight and settling straight back to sleep! She is even doing her long 2 hour lunch nap!! Here's what mum, Victoria had to say after we wrapped, 

“Baby Sleep Code helped me and my partner get some precious time back and helped my daughter learn how to fall asleep on her own in just one week!

We would have to rock Athena to sleep for all naps and bedtime and this could take up to two hours sometimes. It was also very rare for her to sleep more than one sleep cycle during the day.

Carly helped us to make a few changes to Athena's routine and we could already see results after the first day. Athena can now fall asleep independently and I actually now have to wake her from her naps! I feel so much more relaxed around sleep and look forward to nap times knowing it won't be a struggle anymore.

I definitely recommend Baby Sleep Code and can't thank Carly enough for all of her help.”