10 month old, cosleeping & waking hourly to feed back to sleep

My client was getting increasingly exhausted with her 10 month old’s night wakings. Over time, Maximilian’s night sleep had gotten worse and worse.

Before reaching out for a sleep consultation, mum Flora, would need to breastfeed and then rock him to sleep for every nap and bedtime. There were nights when settling him back into his cot proved impossible, which led to Flora bringing him into her bed to cosleep to try and get more sleep. But, he'd still wake up several times, needing a feed to fall back asleep. At times, Flora even attempted offering a bottle during the early hours, suspecting hunger as the culprit.

Exhausted and with Maximilian's daycare enrolment just around the corner, she made the decision to seek professional help. Her goal was to ensure Maximilian received the quality sleep he needed through the night and to enable him to settle for naps at daycare without relying on feeding to sleep.

Following a thorough review of their sleep intake form and after our phone consultation, it was evident that Maximilian had developed a strong association between feeding and falling asleep. And was starting to need this not just to fall asleep, but to stay asleep. 

He had also begun reverse cycling due to the frequent nighttime feedings, which affected his daytime appetite so would wake hungry again the next night to try to catch up on missed calories from the day. 

To support Maximilian's sleep and to help encourage more consolidated nights, I provided a comprehensive 7-day plan. Including a review of his sleep environment, nutrition tweaks, adjustments to his routine, reducing his night feeds, and introducing a consistent settling method that started to give Maximilian the space and opportunity to initiate sleep himself with mum there still to soothe whenever needed.

And here’s what mum shared after wrapping up

“We recently worked with Melissa as our 10 month old would wake 10-12 x a night and only feeding back to sleep worked so we also coslept. We chose the 7 day support package and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Since then our baby sleeps 12 hours, takes no time to self settle, has MAX 1 feed a night (last night slept without any wakes!!! ) and sleeps in his own bed. Melissa was super supportive and really helped us through.

The quality and amount of sleep we all three are getting now is life changing!! Do not hesitate to ask for help, it is really worth it!!”

Flora, Denmark