4 month old, contact naps and false starts

"So we enlisted the help of Melissa from Baby Sleep Code for both our boys. My first was seven and a half months old and my second was only four months old when we contacted Melissa. With my first we didn't have too many issues with him so his sleep issue was resolved with just a 45 min phone call with Melissa which was fantastic. But my second was quite young and we were experiencing more issues with his sleep so we decided to go with the Ultimate Support Package with Baby Sleep Code. 

So at the time my son was four months old and we were basically doing all his naps in a wrap or in a carrier, we were doing all contact naps. He wasn't able to sleep independently or if he was to be put down for an independent sleep he would only sleep for about 20 minutes at a time which was not ideal especially because I had a toddler as well. 

He was sleeping pretty well overnight with about one to two wakes for a feed but he was having about up to three false starts before actually settling to sleep for the night which was really exhausting because my husband and I would have to keep going back and forth resettling him back to sleep. 

After the initial call with Melissa I felt excited to start our journey with my son and to get him to be a confident independent sleeper. I knew from having my toddler that it was possible and that it was only a matter of time that my four-month-old would also be a great sleeper and because I had the support of a sleep expert by my side I could be excited rather than scared of what was to come. 

The two-week support period was really good for me especially because I would put in live updates of my son's day and his sleep throughout the day and night and I would actually get live feedback and comments from Melissa as well, so she would also also be checking throughout the day commenting if necessary and advising of next steps if necessary as well. And I feel like this part was the most crucial part of our journey with our son because it meant that we just had an expert every single step of the way throughout the whole day. We never went through the experience blind and we always felt reassured about what we were doing or how to tweak things to help our son. 

Now I am so happy to say that my son is an independent sleeper we can put him down awake for all naps and sleep time awake and there are no tears he doesn't cry, he's happy to be put down and then he will settle to sleep on his own. 

He will also do a nice long lunch nap which coincides with our toddler's nap as well so it's great that they have an overlap and he doesn't have any false starts for his night sleep anymore. So he'll settle straight to sleep and have a great great sleep at night and he's also sleeping through the night now. 

So I feel so incredibly lucky to now have a five month old who's still very young but is already sleeping so well that we don't need to worry about his naps or sleep, and it's just great to have two kids that are both fantastic sleepers! 

Baby sleep can be really daunting and really stressful if you are trying to fix it on your own. I've got quite a few friends who have issues with their baby or their toddler sleep and I always try to encourage them to seek help from a sleep expert, as I just know from personal experience that it doesn't need to be that way! That it's not something that you just have to endure that you can actually fix it, but also that you're doing them good as well. It's not just a selfish thing for yourself, once you help them sleep they become such confident happy sleepers that they're able to sleep in different environments as well. 

So for example with my first he had no issues going to child care and learning how to sleep there in fact all the educators were so surprised that they didn't have to rock him or do anything that they were literally able to just put him down with his sleeping bag and white noise sound machine and he would go to sleep fine. 

So I'm always trying to encourage my friends that do have issues with their baby's sleep that all it takes is a couple of weeks of effort, if that, and everyone will be happier for it.

And it also doesn't mean that you need to let your baby just sit there and cry as well we did a very gentle and gradual approach with our four month old and because we sought the help of Baby Sleep Code at such a young age for our second we actually avoided the four month sleep regression which everyone knows can be a nightmare, so I am so glad that we did that so basically my advice is if you've got any baby sleep issues don't delay just contact Baby Sleep Code and get it sorted! It's something you won't regret!"

Jo. H, Melbourne