4 month old, cat napping and rocking to sleep

Mum was hesitant to reach out for help as Eleanor wasn't a bad sleeper. She slept really well overnight, only waking for one feed. But during the day she would catnap and be really tired and grumpy. Mum was also really overwhelmed with all of the differing information out there and wasn't sure what to do next.

We had a 15min call first to discuss the options and she ended up booking our Complete Sleep Support Package. We introduced a consistent age appropriate routine and gave mum the tools to know how to approach her sleep and allow her the space to learn to settle independently. Within the week Eleanor was able to settle herself to sleep for all naps and bedtime and was taking her long lunch nap during the day. Here is mums review:

“Always a great night sleeper but never a great day sleeper, our situation only got more challenging as we approached 4 month progression. Catnapping, over tiredness, rocking to sleep and fighting swaddling / sleeping sack were a tiring, everyday reality.

Knowing we wanted to implement an age appropriate routine and self settling practice but feeling overwhelmed with our situation and all the differing opinions / information out there, we sort help from the wonderful Carly to help guide us.

The easy read tailored sleep plan, support materials were fantastic (comprehensive but not overwhelming) and the daily 1:1 support meant we could quickly and efficiently troubleshoot / correct behaviour. Though hard work we saw amazing results, including settling to sleep independently, linking sleep cycles and content with nap/bedtimes. So ecstatic to see the quality of sleep improved and the foundations for a healthy sleep association set. Couldn’t have achieved the results without you! 🙏🏼" Emilie, Melbourne

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