18 months of unpredictable sleep, contact naps, feeding & rocking to sleep

Elisa had been holding off changing how Levi was settled to sleep. She was happy to hold and cuddle him to sleep. But Levi was growing and it was harder for them to manage. So after several months of unpredictable sleep, they finally took the leap and booked a Complete Sleep Support package.

At the time, Levi needed to be rocked to sleep for all naps and bedtime and had begun to fight nap times. Some days he would refuse to nap altogether and they would contact nap just so he could get some sleep. Overnight he had begun to also protest and was having false starts.

After reviewing Levi's situation in detail, ensuring his sleep environment was in place, and getting him onto a more consistent routine, we introduced a consistent settling method which allowed Levi the opportunity to learn to fall asleep more independently. They results were amazing and after a week working together, mum left this review:

“We always had sleeping challenges with Levi from when he was a newborn. From not wanting to sleep in his bassinet, to co sleeping, to cat napping, to false starting and night wake ups. We had always settled him to sleep, from breast feeding him to sleep early on, which worked, to rocking him to sleep, which also worked. But he would inconsistently false start or wake up after a few hours of being asleep, and we would always find something to blame.

My husband had wanted to go down the path of exploring the option of a sleep consultant, but I was always anxious about the crying at night and that I would rather just settle him to sleep so I didn't have to hear him cry and be upset, so we didn't bother.

More recently he began refusing to sleep in his cot which led to contact day napping and sleeping in our bed overnight. We tolerated it like we had done over the past 18 months.

But like the time before, and the time before that, he improved. But then he fell back into the same, old habits.

This is where our anxiety hit the roof, and the realisation kicked in that we have never been able to relax at night, watch a TV show or a movie because we were always anxious that he was going to wake up. We have never been able to do anything during the day while he napped, because he had always cat napped or contact napped. And through all of this, we realised that he mustn't be getting quality sleep!

So we made the decision to contact Baby Sleep Code, and it has been a game changer, well, life changing really.

Levi is SELF SETTLING (i never would have thought I'd say that!) He is now getting quality sleep. He is consolidating his sleep cycles, he is sleeping in his cot again! He is sleeping through the night and having proper day naps. And we are enjoying our nights and sleep too!

We are so proud of him! He has really surprised us, as he adapted so much better than we thought.

Carly worked with us and worked through our concerns and what I was most anxious about. She made it easy, she made it simple. And all it took was some confidence, a better routine and consistency.

We cannot believe the difference 1 week makes!

I had wound myself up thinking that sleep training was going to be a horrible experience and journey, but it really wasn't. Hindsight is a lovely thing, and if I had've known how well he was going to adapt to the new routine, I would've done this months' ago.

I know it's up to us to continue these better habits and we now know what we have to do to better us all.

We honestly cannot thank Carly enough!”

Elisa, Melbourne AUS