13 months, fighting naps and waking in the night

Ari was on a great routine, however, always needed assistance to settle for naps and bedtime. At 13 months his parents reached out to Baby Sleep Code for help as they were going to be welcoming a new baby in the coming months and wouldn’t be able to always assist Ari off to sleep.

He was on two naps a day usually generally around 90 minutes long, but then he started fighting and skipping either both naps or just the first. To settle for naps and bedtime his parents had to sit with him until he was fully asleep, this could take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes. They would then do this for each resettle overnight.

During our phone consultation, I took the time to investigate their situation holistically and set up a plan on how we were going to get him settling independently and also having consistent naps.

During the first few days they focused on making a few tweaks to his sleep environment and routine and then we started on a new age-appropriate settling method that was going to help Ari gain the confidence to fall asleep independently.

The settling method that was chosen had them in the room to give reassurance whenever Ari needed it but also gave him a chance at falling asleep with less and less assistance over the week.

We worked on this through the entirety of their 7 days of support, this is what Mum and Dad said when we wrapped up:

"We are very happy with the 7-day package we purchased with Melanie’s advice and support. Amazed to see how much improvement there was in our 13-month-old’s sleep in just one week, wish we had done it sooner!

The process was not traumatic for us or the baby, in fact, settling for sleep was far more stressful and traumatic for both parties before we started sleep training.

We went from taking up to 60 minutes of screaming and crying to settle for each nap and bedtime, and 2-3 wake-ups overnight, to now settling to sleep within 5 minutes with no crying, and now 0-1 wake-ups overnight. We are all getting much more rest now. We wanted to optimise our son’s sleep before his new sibling arrives in a few weeks and we were able to do that!"

Kavya and Raja, Sydney Australia.