Choosing a bassinet safe for sleep

Choosing a bassinet safe for sleep

Unlike cots, there are no mandatory safety standards for bassinets in Australia. Which means parents have to do their own research as to whether their bassinet would be considered safe for sleep.

As a guide, Rednose and Product Safety Australia do provide recommendations on what to look out for, which include:
  • All sides of the bassinet to be at least 300mm higher than the top of the mattress base.
  • No decorative trims, ribbons, or thick padded sides.
  • Firm, flat mattress that’s the correct size for your bassinet, and is no thicker than 75mm in thickness.
  • Good breathability and ventilation on all sides.
  • A sturdy and wide stable base so it can’t tip over.

Bonus Tip: After 9 months of jiggling in the womb, small movements can be very soothing to newborn babies. So try to find a bassinet that’s safe and sturdy, but also has a little ‘give’ so you can gently rock your little one as you're settling them to sleep.

Note: inclined rockers, bouncers and swings are not considered safe for sleep. Once baby is showing signs of being able to roll, or has outgrown the manufacturer's recommended size limit, it’s time to move baby to a safe cot. For more safe sleep info visit

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