Twins, rocked and held for all sleep times

The twins needed to be rocked to sleep with their pacifiers for all naps and bedtime. Sometimes they would be transferred into their cots or even the family bed and sometimes if they would not settle, they would contact nap for the daytime. Mum and dad were exhausted and needed some help to get them sleeping soundly in their own sleep space.

Firstly we adjusted their sleep environment to ensure the room was pitch black, re-introduced white noise and set up their cots so it suited them both. We added some layers of clothing and removed their pacifier.

Then we tweaked their routine and ensured they were taking full feeds and solids at the right time. And then we introduced a consistent settling method which gave mum and dad the confidence to help them both with their sleep. Here’s mums take on her experience:

“Before we reached out to BabySleepCode, our twins were being rocked to sleep, only with mum, and required a pacifier, for all daytime naps and at night. Our days were so unpredictable, extremely tiresome, and frustrating. We reached a point where we realized that this routine was completely unsustainable for us.

We are so glad that we reached out to BabySleepCode and actually wish that we had done so sooner!! Carly has been absolutely amazing to work with and has been so, so helpful. Our twins are now on a consistent routine throughout the day and night and their sleep schedule has greatly improved.

We are so happy that our days are now more predictable and this has allowed us to be better parents and partners as we are getting the rest we need. We would highly recommend Baby Sleep Code for all parents, especially those with twins!”

Haania, Vancouver, Canada

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