Sol 4m, regular night wakes, short naps, and fussy feeding

Sol was needing to be held and rocked/bounced for all sleep times. She was only having short cat naps during the day, and was having false starts at bedtime.

She had also started waking several times a night waking for her pacifier to be returned or to be fed back to sleep.

Her parents had started bedsharing hoping to get more sleep for all. But that still didn’t help, and Sol was also starting to get really fussy during day feeds.

After following on instagram for a while they decided to go ahead and book in a 7 Day Sleep Support Package.

Within the 7 days, Soleil was self-settling in her cot for all naps, bedtime, and overnight. Only waking for 1-2 feeds in the night, sleeping 7-7. And she had also started consolidating her naps sleeping 2hrs straight. She was also feeding way better during the day, no longer fussy or distracted!

And here’s what her parents had to share after we wrapped,

“Thank you Melissa! You’re knowledge, wisdom and mentoring has been absolutely life changing.
We can’t put into words our immense gratification. You really do work wonders!

The service you provide to families is second to none. We speak tongues of praise of you to all our friends experiencing similar challenges to what once were.

We are immensely proud of our little human and how well she adapted to such big changes. We are all so much better off for good sleep. It’s really been transformation for all three of us.

Sol has started sleeping so well, which has also improved her feeding. It’s amazing how it is all intertwined and works hand in hand.

We stand by the God status we gave you. A million thanks from us."

Brianna & Arnica, South Australia