7 month old reflux, contact naps, waking several times a night...

Nolan needed to be rocked and sung to sleep for all naps and bedtime. She would catnap all day and wake through the night needing a bottle or to be rocked again. Mum was exhausted so reached out to Baby Sleep Code and booked a Sleep Support package.

First, we moved Nolan onto a consistent daytime routine and ensured her foundations were in place. Then we worked on a consistent settling method so Nolan could learn how to settle herself to sleep independently. Within a short week Nolan was settling herself for all naps and bedtime and taking a full 2 hour lunch nap. She had also begun sleeping through the night!!

Here's what mum had to share after we wrapped:

“Our sweet little 7 month old girl had a rough start in life. She had to be born early and was very very small. Even though she grew well, she had terrible cramps and reflux in the first months of her life. This lead to lots and lots of contact napping, which was necessary at the time but when her troubles passed she was not able to fall asleep independently.

This led to multiple wake ups during the night and cat naps during the day. The sleep deprivation was real. 

We decided to contact Mel and Carly, this was a great decision! In a very short period of time we went from rocking her to sleep endlessly for all naps and bedtime to her falling asleep independently! And most important: staying asleep! She now has a long lunch nap and sleeps through the night. Our minds were blown.

If you are on the fence about contacting Baby Sleep Code, just do it!! Your life will get so much better. It has made us better, happier, more confident parents and our girl is happy and thriving!"

Love from The Netherlands, Babbe, Netherlands

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