9 months, bounced to sleep, bedsharing, waking every couple of hours

When I first spoke to Casey, her daughter Francesca was being rocked and bounced to sleep, and waking several times through the night. Mum had started bedsharing in the hope of getting more sleep but this wasn't working and Francesca would spend long periods of the night awake. Each night was unpredictable.

Casey booked our Complete Sleep Support package and we worked on making a few tweaks to her routine, some nutrition tweaks, and implemented a settling method that gave Francesca the opportunity to start practicing falling asleep more independently. Each day Francesca got more and more confident with it, and within the week had started sleeping through the night!

Here's Casey's take on her experience,

"Our daughter Francesca was waking every 1-3 hours a night every night starting around 3 months. We hoped she would grow out of it and magically start sleeping. However, it continued to get harder as she needed more and more support to settle to sleep (including nursing multiple times a night). We eventually started to bed share, which worked until it didn’t - Francesca would be up for hours in the middle of night in our bed.

When Francesca turned 9 months, we started doing some research to get help and found Baby Sleep Code. We signed up for 7 days with Melissa, had our initial call and started Francesca on a custom daytime, feeding, nap and night schedule. Francesca took to the schedule very well and we also slowly weaned from nursing in the middle of the night.

We opted for a more gradual approach. It was much easier to be consistent since we were comfortable with the way we were helping Francesca learn to independently sleep in her crib.

Melissa truly changed our lives! She is SO supportive, patient and knowledgeable. She helped us make changes where needed and was responsive to all our questions with the time difference in the US and AUS.
Francesca is now sleeping 11-12 hours a night in her crib!

Helping Francesca go from having to be rocked and nursed to sleep, to being set in her crib awake has been incredible! She also had very minimal tears through the entire process, which was very important to us.

We cannot thank Melissa and Baby Sleep Code enough! We are so grateful! Thank you"

Casey, Pittsburgh, USA