7 months, contact napping & waking through the night

Amy reached out to Baby Sleep Code as her son Nate was needing to be fed and rocked to sleep for all of his naps and bedtime. He would need to contact nap as whenever they would try and place him down into his crib he would wake up.

Overnight he would wake numerous times and needed to be fed back to sleep. Mum was exhausted and knew she needed some help. Firstly, we got Nate onto an age appropriate routine following feeding and nap times. We then removed his pacifier and introduced a comfort toy. Next we introduced a consistent settling method so Nate could start to settle to sleep independently.

In just a week, Nate was settling himself to sleep in his crib with no pacifier, and sleeping through the night! Here are mums thoughts on our time together:

“We are so glad we worked with Carly with our 7 month old! Within a week we went from 3-5 wakes overnight where we had to nurse or feed baby back to sleep every 90 minutes to 2 hours to baby sleeping 12 hours with maybe one feed overnight! Carly gave us an awesome daily routine that has worked great to help us get baby’s feeding, daytime naps, and overnight sleep on a more predictable schedule and answered all of our questions throughout the week. We’re so glad we met with her- only wish we’d done it sooner!” Amy, Baltimore, Maryland US

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