6 month old waking every 2 hours for their dummy

When we first chatted, Nash was rocked to sleep with a dummy (pacifier) for all naps, and fed to sleep at bedtime. He was only having short naps and waking as often as every 2 hours overnight.

During my phone consult with Kodee, I explained how she would need to start waking Nash, her 6 month old, up if he was sleeping too long at naps and in the morning to keep her day on track, and she exclaimed, “oh the dream would be to get to wake him up!”.

I had a giggle, because I realised how unlikely that might sound when your baby is waking several times a night and you struggle to keep them asleep - let alone thinking they might start sleeping too long!

Within the 7 days of working together, Nash was now falling asleep independently for all naps and bedtime, taking nice long naps, and sleeping up to 12 hours overnight waking for one quick feed! Such huge progress in just one week!

AND Kodee even had to start waking him up in the mornings!!

Here is what she shared after we wrapped:

“I don't even know how to start telling people how much Baby Sleep Code has helped us. My little one, Nash had been a serial cat napper and this in addition to the 4 month sleep regression, teething and constant need for the dummy and being fed or assisted to sleep was causing wake ups anywhere from 5 - 8 times every night. We also accidentally ended up in a cycle of bed sharing by 3am every morning just to try and get some extra sleep.

I had been following Baby Sleep Code on Instagram for a while and decided it was time to get some help. I purchased the Complete Sleep Support package and after having our initial consultation with Mel I was feeling really informed and motivated to help Nash with his sleep.

Our sleep goals were to remove the dummy completely, implement a structured routine, work towards falling asleep independently and making it through the night without having to bed share. I can save with complete confidence that we achieved all of these goals within the 7 days of support we received from Mel.

It was so helpful being able to communicate with Mel throughout the 7 days to receive advice and make tweaks to ensure we were doing the best for Nash. I can’t believe how quickly Nash adjusted to not having the dummy (something I was so nervous about) and falling asleep on his own.

With consistency we are now only waking once a night for a feed and I have to wake him up most mornings which is actually so amazing. I honestly wish I reached out sooner and would recommend Baby Sleep Code to anyone!”

Kodee, New South Wales, Australia

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