5 month old Lyla, weaning the dummy

Mum reached out to Baby Sleep Code as she was exhausted. She would have to rock and hold Lyla until she fell asleep for every nap through the day and at bedtime. 

Lyla would only ever cat nap during the day and overnight was where mum was really struggling. After having a few false starts, Lyla would wake numerous times needing her dummy replaced and to be rocked back to sleep.

Mum called for her initial 15min discovery call and then later booked in for the 7 day package. We started by removing the dummy and getting Lyla's routine on track.

After the first night, we saw huge improvement and now at the end of our week together, Lyla is able to settle herself to sleep independently for all naps and bedtime, is having a long two hour lunch nap without needing resettling, and is only waking once overnight for a feed!! Here is what mum had to say about her experience...

“I contacted Baby Sleep Code after waking up 20 times in the night to pop the dummy back that would always fall out. In addition, the day times left me with no down time as Lyla wouldn't sleep longer than 20/30 minutes at a time.

I was so anxious about starting the program since I just couldn't stand the thought of letting my baby cry. However, Carly provides you with gentle sleep methods that actually work, from the first time implementing them, it took just 15 minutes from putting her to bed to being sound asleep, without the dummy!

It felt like it was too good to be true! We now have a routine where Lyla no longer cat naps in the day, she wakes up for only one feed at night and can settle herself back to sleep without the dummy or having to be held/rocked.

Thank you so much for all your help Carly!”