4.5 months, catnapping and contact naps & waking every 40 minutes at night

Mum and Dad reached out due to baby needing to be rocked to sleep before being put in the cot for all naps and bedtime. Overnight she would wake numerous times feed and then rock back to sleep, sometimes being unsuccessful and relying on contact to fall back to sleep and stay asleep.

We made some changes to her sleeping environment and also focused on her feeding, making sure she was having adequate and full feeds throughout the day.

After a few days, settling became easier, she was taking better breastfeeds and was even resettling better overnight after a feed. After 2 weeks of support, she was settling independently, having great feeds, and even started sleeping through the night.

Here's mum's review:

"We reached out to Baby Sleep Code after returning from a month-long trip with our baby. Between long distance travel and the four month sleep regression, we realised we needed help getting her back on track.

At 4.5 months, Amalia was already a cat-napper and was used to falling asleep on us before being transferred to her cot (even before travel and the sleep regression) so the four month sleep regression (progression!) hit us hard. For nearly 10 days she would wake up every 30-40 minutes in the night, only sleep for short periods in the day and wake up regularly whilst being transferred to her cot both during naps and at bedtime.

After speaking with Melanie and giving her a detailed account of Amalia’s routine and challenges, Melanie created an age appropriate routine for Amalia and gave us some techniques to start teaching her to sleep independently. We were both sceptical about sleep training and although it was tough to start, we are so grateful that we reached out.

Within a few days, Amalia was learning to sleep on her own and settle herself, sleeping in her cot for her naps as intended and even started sleeping through the night. She went from 25-35 minutes per nap in the day to sleeping for 1.5-2 hours nap at lunch!

Our quality of life has improved significantly since we started working with Baby Sleep Code, and although we know there will always be ups and downs and regressions, Amalia hopefully has the sleep skills to get through it all a lot easier!

We would really recommend working with the team!"

Lara, Nairobi, Kenya

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