Common questions

Will this work for my child?

We have successfully addressed sleep concerns for countless babies and toddlers worldwide. We have encountered and resolved a wide range of sleep challenges, so no situation is too complex for us to handle. We confidently guarantee that if you are committed to implementing our recommendations and maintaining consistency throughout our collaboration, you will see great results. 

What settling/sleep coaching methods do you use?

We use a variety of settling methods to choose from, and talk you through the various options and which we think will best suit your specific situation and your baby's temperament. We also coach you daily and recommend any tweaks to your approach if we think something is not working.

We do not use the 'Cry it Out' method. But this doesn't mean we can guarantee absolutely no crying. Crying is a way for our babies to communicate and express a range of emotions. When we introduce changes to their established routine, they may initially cry or protest out of frustration or annoyance. But you'll be there to guide and support them, and as they gain confidence in falling asleep independently, this eases. Our ultimate goal is for your little one to feel secure and content in their sleep environment and start to LOVE sleep.

What makes you different to a sleep school?

We are dedicated to equipping parents with the knowledge and skills to effectively support their own children in achieving great sleep. When you choose to work with us, you'll stay within the comfort of your own home. Your child will be in their familiar environment, and most importantly, you will be the one guiding and supporting them—not a stranger. Plus you’ll be practicing these new skills in your every day life, minimising any chance of disruptions that might occur when returning from an overnight stay at a sleep school.

I'm not in Australia, can you still help me?

Absolutely! All our 1:1 consults happen remotely via phone, email, and online. We regularly work with clients in the US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, New Zealand and more. And the time differences hasn’t been an issue for us or our clients, no matter where you're located we can guide you to better sleep.

What makes Baby Sleep Code different from other sleep consultants?

Firstly, we're all mums who've been right where you are! We understand first hand the profound impact of sleep deprivation. We know how tough it can be, but we've also discovered the power of finding answers and achieving better sleep for our families. The incredible transformation that great sleep brought to our own lives inspired us to become sleep consultants. We want to help as many others thrive and experience these same positive changes.

Secondly, we pride ourselves on our analytical and holistic approach to sleep. We dive into every single aspect that can impact your child's sleep, from feeding and nutrition to nap timings, sleep cues, environment, temperament, development, and settling techniques. By analyzing all these factors, we aim to get to the bottom of sleep issues as quickly as possible. And the results can be mind-blowing. Many of our clients achieve incredible change within just a couple of days. We're are your biggest cheerleaders on this journey to better sleep and a happier, well-rested family. We can't wait to help!