Ruhira 10 months old, night wakes and short naps

During the day Ruhira would need to be rocked for all naps, and would cat nap all day.

She would also need rocking or patting in arms to sleep at bedtime, and had started waking several times through the night needing to be rocked and patted back to sleep at every wake.

Throw in some suspected teething issues and sleep had fallen apart even more, with Ruhira not settling back to sleep in the early morning hours and so was starting her days as early as 5am.

Mum booked a 7 day consult package with Baby Sleep Code, and we worked together to reach mums goals of helping Ruhira fall asleep more independently and have better quality night sleep.

An here's what mum had to say when we wrapped,

"Ruhira has been sleeping 11.5hrs straight through the night!! She woke up twice and resettled herself to sleep so easily. I'm absolutely awestruck about how life changing your tips have been! This morning I had to wake her up at 7am, else she would have slept in.

Morning and night time, she's absolutely fuss free n falls asleep within 5mins! Again, can't believe it!! Thank you Melissa! 😆"

I also shared some extra tips to keep mum on track as they were heading away for a holiday, and when I checked in, this is what mum had to share:

“Ruhira has been sleeping through the night straight 12hrs n goes to bed with a smile and cuddles. Sleeps were perfect during our road trip, in car and the accoms. Truly life changing!”

Sindhu, Melbourne