Rose 2 years, bedtime battles, long night wakes and early mornings

Rose went through a major sleep regression around 2 years and had started climbing out of her cot, so her parents had to swap her to sleeping in a toddler bed to keep her safe. But after a few nights of sleeping there she started to regress even more. She would be up for hours at bedtime making lots of excuses to stay out of her room, she would need mum or dad to lay with her while she fell asleep. And one morning she woke at 2am and did not go back to sleep at all! 

Mum had tried lots of different tactics to try and get her to stay in bed, one night she counted she had done 500 silent returns. Mum was working full time and long hours as a nurse, and she knew she couldn't work this out on her own. After seeing a post of mine she decided to reach out for help. 

"Baby Sleep Code changed our family's life! As a full time working mum I could not cope with the sleepless nights and neither could my babe with such a long day at daycare. 

Within such a short time we were waking up in the morning refreshed from a full nights sleep! If anyone is contemplating - do it!

Sleep is worth it and this lovely, caring, knowledgable lady can help you!!! Thank you for changing our lives for the better. Now I feel motivated to continue to be the best mum I can be!!!" Kate, A. Perth, Western Australia.