Rocking to sleep and co-sleeping to independent cot sleeper!

Jayden was a cat napper. He needed to be rocked and patted to sleep for all naps and bedtime. At bedtime, he would have a bottle and fall asleep and then would wake a couple of times overnight for feeds. When he would wake around 4am, he was very hard to resettle, so mum would end up bringing him into their bed so they could all get some more sleep. 

Although skeptical that we would be able to help Jayden, mum booked in for the complete Sleep Support Package. We tweaked his day routine, made adjustments to his environment and added a new settling method to give mum the consistency and confidence she needed to help Jayden.

After one short week, Jayden is settling himself to sleep for all naps and bedtime, taking his 2 hour long lunch nap without needing to be resettled and sleeping through the night with only one feed! Mum and dad are pinching themselves as they can't believe it!! Here are their thoughts…

“We use to rock and pat our 6 month old boy to sleep with all his naps, wakings and at bedtime. He had multiple wakings overnight, especially during the early hours of the morning (3am-5am), he was unable to settle himself so we would opt to co-sleep most of the time. He always had 30 min day time naps so extending his nap by rocking and patting him would sometimes take over 30mins.

Fast forward to today, he now has 2hr day time naps on his own and he can independently sleep and self settle in his cot. Putting him down awake and watching him go to sleep on his own is amazing! 

This has been the best decision and seeing our baby boy sleeping and self settling independently makes me feel confident as a mother and wife. I can’t recommend Carly enough for her guidance and help! We are no longer the sleep deprived parents we use to be.” Kim, Sydney Australia