Leo, 6 months. Waking every hour to sleeping through the night!

When I first spoke with Gemma and Pej, They told me how most of their nights were spent rocking and bouncing little Leo to sleep. He would have multiple false starts and wouldn't fall asleep completely before 10pm. Then he would wake multiple times needing to be rocked or fed back to sleep. The night before we started was particularly bad as Leo had woken every 30min-1 hour.

During the day he was also catnapping and Gemma would end up doing contact naps so that he could sleep. Gemma was exhausted, and with no family around to offer support, when Leo was 6 months old she booked in for a 7 day package.

After speaking with Gemma and Pej, I promised them they would be able to eat dinner together uninterrupted one night soon! Leo was a tough little cookie and tested us all however with a few little tweaks and pivots we were able to work with his temperament to find the solution for him. Here's Gemma's take on her experience...

"I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Baby Sleep Code. We spoke with Carly who went above and beyond to help us with our little boy. He was a bit of a challenge at first, but instead of leaving us to deal with it, Carly was in constant contact to help find the right method to work for us and offered so much reassurance and guidance throughout the whole process.

Leo now sleeps through the night and we have regained our evenings and sleep back! It really has been life changing and I cannot say thank you enough for all of your help. I have already recommended you to all my mum friends and I will continue to do so. Gemma x"