Harrison 9m, inconsistent days and nights

Before reaching out to Baby Sleep Code, Harrison's sleep was unpredictable. 

Sometimes he would settle really easily for naps and bedtime and would fall asleep without needing any assistance. But at other times he would get so worked up and mum or dad will need to pick up and rock or feed fully to sleep. After trying to transfer him to his cot, he'd often wake up again and they'd have to keep settling him back to sleep until he finally would sleep a little longer. 

His nights were also inconsistent, waking anywhere between 2-5 times needing help to get back to sleep, and he had also started waking earlier in the mornings. 

Mum downloaded the 9-12 month routines and followed this for awhile which really helped with his naps, but he was still waking throughout the night. Mum was also starting to find it physically impossible to rock to sleep any more, so decided to reach out for a consult. 

"We reached out to Melissa when our baby was 9 months old, after a few months of questioning whether we truly did "need" a sleep consult. We liked how you could start with a phone call consult and then if needed extend for further support as we weren't too sure we needed such intensive support.

After the call there were so many things suggested that I knew we could benefit from real-time support over the week and I'm so glad we upgraded. The main benefits we found of having this support was how incredibly detailed the routines and settling strategies are, plus getting ongoing feedback to tweak things as you go along and have an idea of what to do when things don't go to plan (as they often don't!).

We went from inconsistent nap lengths, multiple wakes overnight, difficulty settling down for sleep (inconsistently), to now having a baby who sleeps 12 hours overnight, goes to sleep by himself within a few minutes and naps are consistent.

There is a level of guilt being pushed onto parents for working on sleep which can be hard to navigate, however I can say that our household is now much less stressed, our baby is waking up from his night sleep happy and he is truly ready for sleep at each nap/bed time now.

We know his sleep needs will change and we know his sleep will have ups and downs but we're confident that we have a strategy now to support him through this (that we can physically maintain).

Thanks Melissa for your help!"