Elle 4.5 months, napping only in arms and waking all night

"After two months of little to no sleep at night and Elle sleeping on me for all of her day sleeps I was beyond exhausted and was functioning purely on survival mode.

I had been following 'Baby Sleep Code' for some time and loved following along watching stories for little tips and tricks but didn't have the confidence to execute the tips and tricks Melissa was sharing.

I hesitated for some time before making contact with Melissa because I was quite nervous about a strict routine and being house bound needing to have all of Elle's naps in her cot in her room. During my consult call with Melissa I brought up this concern of mine and how as much as I was desperate for Elle to enjoy independent sleep I really wanted to have some flexibility in our days as well.

I have never felt so heard as a mother, Melissa understood completely and supported my wishes and created a nap routine that allows us to have 2 of the 3 naps on the go if needed. In saying that she also taught me the skills to have Elle sleep in her cot for all of her naps as well, should be have a home day. In doing this I feel confident that at nap times (in particular her first nap and her last nap) Elle will happily sleep in the pram, the car or her cot.

The one nap we are strict with is the lunchtime nap however in the odd occasion we are away from home on holidays or staying with family I have the tools to create the same safe and comfortable space for Elle to sleep just as well as she would whether she is in her room in her own cot or in a porter cot at my parents house.

This level of flexibility has changed my life. My husband is FIFO and some days can get a little lonely so to know I can go and visit family or friends and not have Elle's sleep needs compromised is the balance I wished for but never thought could be possible with a young baby.

We cannot thank Melissa enough for her support. At times I worried I was messaging too much especially in moments where emotions were high but Melissa constantly made me feel supported and boosted my confidence when I felt things were getting harder and I was starting to struggle emotionally.

For anyone sitting on the fence wondering if they should get into contact with Melissa this is your sign! Take it from a first time mum who thought the reality of a young baby meant permanent sleep deprivation, Melissa showed me, it doesn't have to be that way.

Logan and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We never thought that in a short few weeks we would be able to put Elle in her cot in her own room and walk out of the room and have her fall asleep on her own and stay asleep, sleeping through the night and having great day naps in her cot. 
The support you gave us was from afar was amazing. For us to be able to learn the skills to teach Elle how to sleep and love sleep whilst being in our own home and Elle in her own environment was amazing."

Emilee & Logan, Perth WA