Byron 5 months, from bedsharing to loving his own cot

Byron was needing to be rocked and bounced to sleep for all naps and bedtime and would only catnap throughout the day. Overnight he began waking numerous times and would need to be fed back to sleep or his dummy replaced. Mum and dad even began bedsharing as they all needed to get more sleep, but this still didn't help!
After 3 weeks of sleep progressively getting worse, mum reached out for a 7 day consult.
" I can't thank Carly enough for all her help! My baby was a good sleeper (waking up only once at night and napped pretty good during the day) until the 4 month regression hit.
He was waking up 4 times a night, would only sleep when he's co-sleeping with me, always wants to be rocked to sleep and always wants the Dummy when he's sleeping. He was also only having cat naps during the day and not proper naps.
After a few weeks of this I finally gave up and contacted baby sleep code for help. After a week of following their advice, he can now sleep in his own cot, have solid naps during the day, wakes up once for a feed and put himself back to sleep.. all of this without having a Dummy!!!
I can't recommend Baby Sleep Code enough for those sleep deprived parents! Thanks so much!"
Ayu, Perth, Western Australia