Bobby, 4 month regression to sleeping soundly within a few days

Bobby needed to be rocked to sleep for all naps and bedtime and had started catnapping, and waking multiple times overnight needing his dummy to be replaced. Mum was due to go back to work so booked in for a 7 day package...

"I had been following the newborn guide with my son and things were going great until we hit the dreaded 4 month sleep progression. He started waking early from naps, was difficult to get to sleep, and would wake frequently in the night (most of the time just as I had finally drifted back off to sleep).

I procrastinated booking a sleep support package until we had one really awful night with barely any sleep, and I couldn’t see how we could manage this after I returned to work. After speaking to Carly I already felt so much more in control and couldn’t wait to receive our sleep plan to get started.

Our baby adjusted to the new settling technique so quickly and only required our help to resettle once throughout the whole week of support! We couldn’t be any happier with the results of the sleep plan and support from Carly, we feel confident and in control.

Best of all, we know if we hear him stir he will settle himself back to sleep alleviating all the anxiety we used to experience."