Amelia 5.5m, cat napping and waking 6 times a night

Since the 4 month sleep pro-gression Amelia had started waking as often as 6 times every night and needing mum to resettle her by holding and rocking back to sleep. 

She would only sleep for one sleep cycle during the day and mum, Brenda, found it almost impossible to resettle her for naps. By the end of they day Amelia would be so overtired, she would fuss and cry for the entire bedtime routine. Bath time was stressful. When Amelia would finally settle to sleep, she would always wake after an hour and then take anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour of mum rocking to get her back to sleep. 

After receiving a recommendation from a friend, and waiting several weeks for things to change, Brenda finally decided to book a consult. 

"Working with Melissa was the best decision we have made since becoming parents. Amelia was an amazing sleeper until the 4 month regression hit, we coped the only way we knew how (feeding/rocking to sleep). This was manageable for about a month and then sleep deprivation took a toll, we were ready to try anything except the cry it out method!

We had never let Amelia cry before so the first couple of days were very hard, even using the gentle soothing technique. But Melissa was super supportive throughout the whole experience, reassuring us that Amelia is learning a new skill and just needs us to guide her through it.

Within three days of following Melissa’s routine Amelia was feeding/sleeping amazingly. And even though 4 months have passed she is still feeding well and sleeping through the night due to being consistent with the routine.

We could never have done it without the support of Melissa, thank you." Brenda, K. Sydney