Visualise: two adults dancing at 7pm when they realise they have an evening to themselves!

Leo, 6 months, was a very distracted feeder, and was feeding almost every hour during the day. He would only take short naps, and would need to be fed or rocked to sleep for all naps, bedtime and overnight. He would sometimes do a 3-4 hour stretch at the beginning of the night, but then would start waking hourly until morning.

Mum was understandably exhausted and booked in our Ultimate Sleep Support package. After chatting through everything that had been happening, I set out a holistic approach to help get Leo's sleep on track - a sleep inducing environment, adding lots of sleepy cues, an age-appropriate routine, nutrition tips, and introducing a consistent settling method that would help mum settle him to sleep without feeding or rocking, and give Leo the opportunity to learn how to fall asleep more independently.

After wrapping up, here's what mum had to say:

"Leo (6 months) is a completely different baby to two weeks ago. He's happier when he's awake, and he's actually sleeping when he's supposed to sleep. Before we started our consultation with Melissa, he was mostly irritated during the day. He was napping 30 minutes at a time, either only if he was extremely tired or if I fed him to sleep. At night time he woke nearly every 2 hours, and overall was feeding 14+ times a day.

Although we really needed some sleep, we couldn't bear the thought of Leo crying himself to sleep. That's why Melissa initially stood out to me on social media, with her holistic approach to sleep. We were so ready to embrace Melissa's brilliant plan, and by night two we were honestly astounded when he fell asleep with little to no help. (Visualise: two adults dancing at 7pm when they realise they have an evening to themselves!)

Two weeks in, we are excited to put him down for his naps, and bedtime is so much fun. Leo is confidently sleeping by himself. We are completely indebted to Melissa and think she is an absolute GODDESS! Thank you so much for changing our lives, we are a happier family because of you!"

Jane & Brian, Valencia, Spain