11 months, fed & rocked to sleep for all naps and bedtime

Fritz needed to be rocked to sleep for all naps and bedtime and would sometimes also had a bottle to fall off to sleep. Overnight he would wake numerous times and want to contact nap and would even end up in the family bed so they could all get some more sleep. 

Sometimes they would also need to give him multiple bottles overnight to get him back to sleep. He was becoming a fussy eater and wouldn't eat much during the day. 

By working on a more consistent daytime routine and switching his bottles to after his solids meals, Fritz began eating better and began working through different textures quicker also! 

We removed his bottles overnight and replaced them with a consistent settling method to ensure he was confident at being able to settle himself to sleep at the beginning of naps and bedtime and throughout the night. 

After one short week together, Fritz is now able to settle himself to sleep independently in his crib, taking his full 2 hour long lunch nap, and is sleeping through the night! 

Here’s what mum had to say about her experience…

"Before working with Carly, our 11 month old was struggling to fall asleep on his own. He preferred to be rocked to sleep with a bottle for every sleep opportunity. At first this was sweet but as we went into daycare, he started getting sick all the time which thoroughly disrupted his sleep to the point where he just wanted to sleep on mom or dad and would immediately scream if put in his crib. 

We were lucky to have a bit of a break from daycare over the holidays for him to finally get some time to be healthy but the damage was done. Our holiday break meant lots of screaming in his crib as he'd wake up shortly after being put down. He was clearly not getting good sleep and we were up all night having to either soothe or hold him and then naps we mostly had to contact nap so much of our day was taken up with baby care. 

Carly was so understanding of our situation and our son's personality, guiding us with recommendations to adjust his schedule, eating habits and sleepwear. She was beyond supportive for the entire week we worked with her, answering all of our concerns and questions. 

Above all, we thoroughly appreciated the accountability that Carly brought to the process of improving our kiddo's sleep. It was invaluable to have that along with her reassurance that the process was working. We'd recommend anyone book time with Carly as in the weeks since we completed the sleep package our son and us have slept better than any of us have since he's been born!" 

Brianne, Washington DC, USA