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Baby Sleep Code

30 Min Check In Call (past clients only)

Regular price $95.00 AUD
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This is an exclusive option just for our previous clients. 

Great for smaller sleep issues or advice on upcoming sleep milestones, like dropping a nap, starting childcare, navigating holidays, or minor regressions. 

Excludes any follow up support. 

What's included:

  • A detailed sleep questionnaire 
  • A 30-minute phone consult 

How it works:

Within 24 hours of booking, you will receive an email asking you to reserve your consult call time and complete a detailed intake form. This questionnaire will ensure we have a clear understanding of everything that is happening with your little one's sleep and can offer you max value during our call.  

We will then call you at the time you have booked and chat through a recommended approach on how to resolve your sleep concerns, as well as answer any general sleep questions you have. 


Note: This does not include a custom written sleep plan or follow-up advice.